Daily Motivation by Dr Nwaka


Daily Motivation

I am inspired to write about a great river like the Zambezi River

  • It starts small but grows
  • It is very dynamic
  • It is very majestic

It has been there for Generations, yet the water you see at a particular moment was not there an hour ago, it’s new water has just arrived because it continues to flow in a dynamic way.
Our lives are like a great river that flows
People come and go but life continues.
People will go but people will always be there.
Resources may be spent but there will always be provisions

Don’t waste your time thinking about friends and resources that have moved on.There will always be people resources that God will bring in your life.
Be willing to start small.
Many rivers end up into being part of great rivers. Don’t be afraid to join another river to have great influence and be called a great river. Don’t be afraid to join the ocean because most rivers end up into the ocean. Don’t be afraid to be swallowed up in the ocean rather think of becoming part of the greatness that rules the whole earth that affects seasons pouring water refreshing and renewing the face of the whole Earth
As a river moves, it refreshes people, animals, trees and it doesn’t choose who it blesses
The Lord bless you this Week this Month and this Year