My Meditation on Jesus and John the Baptist

John the Baptist doubted Jesus “are you the one who was to come or should we look for another”, he asked.

Yet it was John who said:  

  • A man can only receive what God has given him
  • He must increase as I decrease
  • I came that he might be revealed 
  • I did not know him but the one who sent me to baptize said the one you see the Holy Spirit come upon him as a dove he is the one.

Yet when John was in prison and sees that:

  • Jesus does not visit him
  • Jesus does not deliver him from prison and execution
  • He asked “is he the one”?

How does it feel to be doubted by people who once had a revelation upon you, who even prophesied from God concerning you?

Could it be that prison experiences can make people doubt God himself and doubt their leaders?

Jesus replied go tell him what you see and hear

  • In other words let the works speak
  • Let the blind see
  • The leprosies are healed
  • The dead are raised
  • The lame walk and the gospel is preached to the poor.

Jesus said “if you do not believe me at least believe the works that I do”

I pray that your works will silence all your doubters

Spectators may doubt you but they will begin to celebrate you when you rescue them by scoring

It won’t take an hour before they begin to say you are a star

It is interesting that Jesus never doubted John the Baptist but said there is no one born from a woman greater than John the Baptist

Fix your eyes on your assignment. No matter the accusations from doubters

Let God work greatly through you and silence your enemies and doubters for ever

God is faithful

Don’t doubt them back or speak against what you once saw about them through the revelations of the Holy Spirit


Dr Bishop Bernard Nwaka